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What We Do

Baking Arts combines a lecture and lab format designed to teach basic and advanced baking principles, basic and advanced baking methods and preparations, customer service skills, culinary math, and efficient working habits. Located off-campus, students take part in running a real bake shop and experience the realities of a professional work space.



Successful students in this program have these academic opportunities available to them.

- Dual Enrollment with New England Culinary Institute (A 10 week online course of

instruction plus an intensive weekend-long residency at NECI’s Montpelier campus).

- Articulation Agreement with Culinary Institute of America

- Fulfillment of the C.I.A.’s foodservice experience requirement.

- Possible ServSafe® Sanitation Certificate transfer credit.

- An annually renewable Articulation Grant of $4,000 (a total of

$16,000 for the bachelor’s program), and other scholarship opportunities.

- Waiver of the application fee for C.I.A.

- ServSafe® Managers Certification

- National Restaurant Association Baking Credential

- S/P2 Culinary Safety Certification


Vermont Proficiency Alignment

While covering a full curriculum of content specific to this trade, students in this program will be trained and assessed on the following high school-level academic proficiencies using the following indicators from Vermont’s Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements.

For more information about Vermont’s Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements, visit the VT Agency of Education’s website here.



1. Modeling    2. Number & Quantity



1. Physical Science   2. Physical Science



1. Reading   2. Writing   3. Writing   4. Speaking & Listening   5. Speaking & Listening   6. Language



1. Career Exploration   2. Career Clusters   3. Career Readiness   4. Work Readiness   5. Reading   6. Writing   7. Speaking & Listening   8. Digital Citizenship   9. Creative Communicator



1. Communication   2. Self-Direction   3. Problem Solving   4. Citizenship   5. Integrative Thinking


See the link above to our Program of Studies for further information about this program, including...

- Textbook

- Recommended Reading Level

- Recommended Math Skills

- CVCC Safety Exam

and more!

Instructor Information

Instructor: Wendy Clark


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