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The Cooperative Education Program extends academic and technical training beyond the classroom by providing opportunities for students to apply their learning in a workplace setting. The program is collaboration between the Central Vermont Career Center and area employers and is designed to offer paid or unpaid career-related jobs that build on and expand a student’s entry level skills. Whether the goal is to develop self-confidence, employability skills or advanced job placement, the Cooperative Education career based curriculum encourages students to put their education to work.


Work Based Learning Opportunities

  • Job Shadowing
  • Career Work Experience
  • Career Technical Education
  • Registered Apprenticeship



What Do Students Learn In Co-op?

  • Decision making, problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Stronger communication through reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Management of time, records, and workplace
  • Professionalism and business ethics
  • Teamwork with fellow employees
  • Industry Standards



Program Requirements

  • Be enrolled in a Central Vermont Career Center program and have the instructor's’ recommendation.
  • Complete all required school courses, and complete all course requirements maintaining a passing grade in technical program and all other courses.
  • Work up to four school days at their work site and attend a minimum of one day at the Central Vermont Career Center.
  • Provide their own transportation to and from the Cooperative Education work site with a legally registered, insured, and inspected vehicle, driven by a licensed driver.
  • Automotive Technology students must have a valid drivers’ license.



Applying for Co-operative Education


Juniors applying for a second year as a senior in their same program:

  • Co-op Application due Feb 12th (see Forms page on the Co-op page below).
  • Recommendation of the program instructor due Feb. 12th.
  • Recommendation from sending school School Counseling counselor due Feb 12th. Interview with Cooperative Education Coordinator.
  • Excellent attendance, with no more than a total of six absences (including tardy) of their junior year.
  • A numeric grade of 80% or better in their trade program.
  • Written feedback from one job shadow completed by April 3rd.
  • The potential of a Career Technical Educational placement within a Central Vermont business with the intention of employment for the fall term.


Seniors in the 4th marking period of their first year in a program:

  • Co-op Application after the end of the 3rd marking period.
  • Interview with Cooperative Education Coordinator.
  • Recommendation of the program instructor.
  • Recommendation from sending school School Counseling counselor, stating that you are passing your classes and on track for graduation.
  • A numeric grade of 80% or better in their trade program.
  • Excellent attendance, with no more than a total of five absences (including tardy) of their current year, and no more than two absences or tardies in the 3rd marking period.

Coordinator Information

Coordinator: Wayne Tozzi


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