Adult Education at CVCC


High school graduates and adult education students are also welcome to apply to CVCC programs to experience the many benefits and opportunities our programs offer.


As an Adult Education student, tuition would not be covered by a sending school district; instead, we encourage all Adult Education applicants to apply for a grant that can support their learning experience and fund a partial or full amount of our tuition costs.


We encourage Adult Education students to apply for the following grants. Please reach out to our Assistant Director Scott Griggs at if you need any support or assistance applying for either of these grant opportunities!

Different sections of the online application are to be filled out by either the student, the School Counseling counselor, or parent, so please follow the instructions closely! Instructors will be reviewing your online application as it is completed and will reach out using the contact information provided.


For more information contact (802) 476 - 6237.

Please review our Program Pages for specific details about each program before applying, or refer to our Program of Studies below!

Our Admissions Timeline

for 2022-2023 Year Applicants



Online Applications Available

Use the link above to apply!


December 2021-January 2022

CVCC Presentations to Sending Schools

More information coming soon about these presentations,

which could be at sending schools or offered virtually.



Applications Due for Round One Consideration

Use the link above to apply!


January-February 2022

Applicant Shadow and Interview Days

More information coming soon about these shadow

and interview days which will take place at CVCC.



Round One Admissions Meeting

Counselors and the CVCC Admin Team will meet to finalize

applications and program placements.



Applications Due for Round Two Consideration

Applications received after Round One has closed will be

considered in our Round Two of admissions.

The Admissions Process


  We recommend that all students applying to CVCC do the following to be considered for entry...


  1. Attend a CVCC Information Day visit at your school


  2. Visit 1-2 CVCC Programs through the CVCC Shadow and Interview Days


  3. Participate in an interview at CVCC with the program instructor through Shadow and Interview Days


  4. If in High School, be incoming at the grade level of 10th, 11th, or 12th grade during the year that you plan to attend CVCC. The one exception is Exploratory Tech, to which 8th, 9th and 10th graders can apply.


  5. Have good attendance


  6. Have a good discipline record


  7. Have a strong desire to learn and participate safely in the CVCC school community

Otherwise, view the interactive web version of our Program of Studies here!

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